Merging obser- vation and the spoken word

We merge different sources of information when testing concepts, formulating brands’ implicit contracts with consumers (brand audits), clarifying the expectations that structure markets, exploring the reasons for an offer’s success or failure, building awareness of functional and imaginary ecosystems in order to optimize them.


Capturing insight

Insight comes from carefully observing behavior and understanding implicit motivations and their contexts, detecting obstacles, revealing expectations that are obscured by rational discourse, identifying unarticulated needs to inspire unique solutions.


Price, cost & value

Pricing offers are becoming more complicated and, as the economist André Orléan has shown, money is not a “neutral agent”. DCAP’s qualitative economic approach clarifies offer value from a different angle. It makes it possible to formulate pricing offers that closely reflect offer value and avoid costly investment in useless or irrelevant attributes.


Generating brand and innovation platforms.

The participative and creative techniques we have proven with our clients, their target populations and our expert partners in moderating workshops, pilot groups and seminars enable us to change perspectives and find new solutions.


Searching beyond the glare of the street lights.

Methodology innovation is our compass. Our innovative tools include Net-Conversations®, the first tool for collecting consumer insight on Web 2.0 platforms, projective and creative moderating techniques to reach down to participant imaginaries and their unconscious and ethnographic approaches and in situ observation.

  • DCAP is using nudges to improve public transport experience

    DCAP Research has a partnership  for more than a year now with the research lab «  GRePS » from the University Lyon 2, which is a group of social psychologs, among which Prof. Fieulaine.  Both institutes have been working together on a project for TRANSILIEN, the parisian suburbian public transport, in order to improve the experience while using [...]

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  • Black Beauty: understanding the cultural dimension to fuel innovation

    BET channel, the TV channel dedicated to black culture in the US has announced the arrival of its little brother in France: BET France. Good news? Could have been, but the launch has raised series of passionate reactions, debates and signs of indignation, even some calls for a boycott.   Such indignation has been caused [...]

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  • DCAP unveils insights for user-centric innovation in Healthcare sector

    DCAP Research has developed its own web listening tool Net-Conversations®. It is a unique method gathering the know-how of a wide range of experts (qualitative researchers, data scientist, statisticians, IT) : It takes the content itself as a starting point without any bias of questioning It analyses texts in their natural language and works in [...]

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