Missions & solutions

In France and internationally, you want to:

  • Generate innovations: launch a new product or service, imagine new solutions to a problem facing your company
  • Explore a theme, uncover unexplored needs and expectations that aren’t being met correctly in order to identify market opportunities:perspective studies, exploring behavior and social currents
  • Fine tune your Brand Strategy: redefine your positioning, your brand architecture, find the right words so that your communication conveys your message and creates buzz without distorting it.
  • Evaluate your brand’s reputation as a service or employer to render it more coherent and increase customer and stakeholder commitment
  • Test product and service concepts, communication routes. Identify the reasons for a loss of competitiveness, renew products and services, improve your offer to gain competitiveness
  • Optimize your pricing system and value chainby examining your products and services (associated or not) to find out where consumers place value (and where they don’t!).

 Our methods and techniques

all share an informed, detailed examination of  consumer behavior, which is compared and merged with explicit comments to uncover underlying imaginaries and emotions. This provides a depth of understanding that is inaccessible through commentary alone and points the way to developing original solutions.


Qualitative research

  • Ethnographic in-depth interviews, collection of verbal and non-verbal material adapted to the research : photos, video clips, drawings…
  • Focus groups, projective groups
  • Longitudinal approaches (interviews + groups, diaries, blogs, quali + quanti, etc.)
  • Immersion missions placing your teams in direct contact with consumers. We train your staff how to detect and gather insight and we moderate workshops to share information and generate ideas  once the contacts are completed


 Web-ethnography : Analysing spontaneous conversations with Net-Conversations®


DCAP Research has developed its own web listening tool Net-Conversations®. It is a unique method gathering the know-how of a wide range of experts (qualitative researchers, data scientist, statisticians, IT)

What is Net-conversation ® The methodology combines

  • Software extraction of web content
  • Human processing: each message extracted and each author of a message is qualified.
  • And software semantic analysis: the semantic analysis pulls out patterns from the projected world of diabetes in the market predicting latent desires

It’s a unique methodology because

  • It takes the content itself as a starting point without any bias of questioning, it allows approaching the subject by the spontaneous vision of the concerned public, their questions and issues
  • It analyses texts in their natural language and works in every language of the world, including Chinese and Arabic.
  • The specifics of Net-Conversations® are based upon principles of representativeness of the content.


It is especially useful in communication, innovation and foresight research. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Net-conversations® is updated continuously and has been used for a variety of subjects in various contexts. Notable clients: PSA Peugeot Citroën, SFR, S.I.G, SNCF, La Poste, Saint-Gobain, Ubisoft…


Consulting and training

  • Creativity workshops, strategic workshops based on a user-centric approach
  • Accompaniment of strategy innovation project teams in partnership with a certified Blue Ocean Strategy team
  • Coaching for in-house studies, secondary analysis of your studies
  • Write-up of innovation platforms, concepts, brand positioning

International: DCAP has established links with partners who share a common vision of our profession, its demands and standards and can provide common competencies across all six continents.




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