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Participative approaches

less distance, more perspective

Innovating in a world without a user manual

Regardless of what point of view we take, it’s clear that the pace of changes affecting the lives of people and companies is accelerating :

  • On the microscopic level, people’s daily lives are filled with new practices that are continually being revised and updated: who still has the time to read a user manual? More than ever, relationships with brands, products, systems and services are based on intuitive forces.
  • On the macroscopic level, societies evolve, and fragment. Certain perspectives open while other close, values previously thought to be solid are called into question, others progress one cautious step at a time.
  • And even though the Internet as a “parallel” world of communication and services is starting to be well understood and scrutinized, we are only beginning to understand how the Internet modifies people’s actual lives.

Confronting change head on

One thing hasn’t changed: tomorrow, as today, the role of companies and institutions will be use their competencies to deliver solutions, make their consumers and users a little better armed to confront the world and take advantage of its opportunities:

  • To begin with, better armed on the functional level by offering people innovations that address well-understood needs, are a comfortable fit with uses and rituals and add enchantment to daily life, make it richer in relationships or, very simply, easier.
  • Better armed on the symbolic level as well by offering brand messages that help people make sense of the world as it is, tame the future as it comes and give them the courage to build.

To adapt, change methods

To adapt, companies will have to change perspectives. It is no longer enough to look at the world on the human level. It also has to be viewed through a magnifying glass and a through a telescope to identify details and discover other horizons. That calls for methods to explore consumer needs and expectations that are both meticulous and panoramic. New methods to find applicable ideas, share them and develop them collaboratively. That’s where our mission begins… 




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